Here’s How You Can Help

So, here is where you have to step up. Now that you have been educated about the internal damage GMO products perpetrate on the human body, as well as the stress it is causing amongst incoming freshmen, what are the only logical and rational steps to take? We should either A) ban all GMO products in their entirety in from East Campus (specifically protecting the freshmen) or B) prohibit the use of all GMO products, and replace them with organic foods. The latter would appear to be optimal, since with that in place, students will not be able to opt for unhealthier alternatives. And, while it is true that these healthier products may be more expensive, the beneficial results clearly make it worth the cost. While the first option might be easier on your pocket, it will take its long-term toll on your health. The organics option will keep the fruit, veggie and vegan-loving students happy, and create an entire new army of healthy adults. Thanks to Frankferd Farms, not to far down the road, within a 24 hour order period we can make this happen! While East campus currently offers a variety of food options and orders from several different companies such as Panera, Au Bon Pan, and more, it is difficult to get an estimate of how much a regular shipment of GMO fruits and vegetables are. That being said, Frankferd has become increasingly popular and delivers on a daily basis across PA. They deliver to over 20 places in PA and praise themselves for helping the diet needs across they community. While trying to find out the average cost a shipment would be, the owner said it would depend on many circumstances but noted they make deals with those who are returning consumers (COUGH COUGH, EVENTUALLY WE WILL BE!). That being said, the financial skin off your back will be much less than you may have already expected, although I note it is difficult to get an approximate range. But how can money determine everything? Shouldn’t the health and happiness of your student body be priority? Also, ordering from Frankferd would account for a small percentage of foods offered in East, as the goal is to get them in convenience, like Good2Go and The Big Onion. Students can also help raise money in doing things like fundraisers, Bake sales, and community service work if money is such an issue. And if that is not enough, we can raise the prices the students have to pay as well, as these might be more costly on both ends. An additional benefit of such a policy is that stuScreen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.22.17 PMdents will have more time for academics, as they will not be commuting downtown in search of the processed, unhealthy anti-nutrition to which they were accustomed. But there can be no dispute that the most resounding factor in favor of this policy is that it promotes a healthy future. While a GM product may not hurt every now and then, consistent continued consumption will undoubtedly have a deleterious effect on the body, as the link between these products and cancer has been scientifically proven. So please, next time you are going through the menu options to be provided here on campus, consider giving your health a bonus by going organic rather than eating genetically modified food and rolling the dice on your future..


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