Issues of Feasibility

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.56.19 PMOkay, I understand GMOs may be less costly to purchase from a financial perspective, and yes some students may not depend on organic products like some do. But, it is extremely important to note that if there were only organic products offered in East, more students would be purchasing them. Students would not turn to other less healthy alternatives as organic fresh fruits and vegetables will be their only option! It will encourage students to continue their healthy lifestyles, worry-free! Their overall health will also benefit as their foods are naturally grown and raised. Aren’t today’s cancer rates already enough of a reason to encourage organic food consumption? In a recent article by researcher Daniel Cressey, published in the Scientific American, he tells the links between the herbicide glyphosphate and cancer, as mentioned previously (Cressey 1). Isn’t this enough of a reason to ban GMO products in East? It’s an even scarier thought that most students might be unaware and because of that suffer the higher risk of developing cancer. Now, going back to the financial aspect. While organic foods may total a higher cost on your end, the healthful benefits of your student body will undoubtedly outweigh the cost. Plus, a nearby lower cost farm, Frankferd Farms, mentioned in further detail in my latest post, offers great deals! This adjustment and shift to Frankferd could be overnight, as their orders are 24-hour notice! To read more about how to endure in this exciting movement, check out my Here’s How You Can Help tab!






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