What’s All The Fuss About?

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.25.45 PMImagine coming to a completely new environment, thrown quite a few hundred miles away from your comfort zone. Trying to adjust, quickest possible, you naturally cling toward things you are used to, and those of which you depend on. Well, for those who may not be directly affected by the types of food offered around Penn State’s campus, it can be a serious challenge to find healthy, organic foods for those who are particularly involved in the organic community. As you know, being in charge of the food selections here at Penn State, organic simply means GMO-free as well as free from pesticides, and fertilizer. Coming from a vegetarian lifestyle myself, I find I am constantly on the search for organic fruits and vegetables, especially on East Campus as this is where the majority of my time is spent due to the fact that I, along with the majority of freshmen, live here. My options however, are limited in that the only fruit sold in both the dining halls, the hub, and even convenient little cafes around campus all offer the same type of fruit, those of which that are: Genetically Modified. The only way student’s can get their proper nutrients and living support of which they rely on, is to go downtown to the local grocery store, McClanahan’s Downtown Market. This can be extremely difficult as it is both out of the way and on the opposite side of where Freshmen students, those of which who are most affected as they are beginning to adjust to their new lifestyles, live. The elimination of GM products in East Campus, is a must while the need for organic fruits and vegetables from Frankferd Farms is our best option.


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